I sell prints of my artwork and photography. Please email me directly for orders. I can accept credit card payments via Square. You don't have to have a Square account to make a purchase.


Prints are in archival ink on photo paper or vinyl and applied to a rigid 1/4" to 1/2" thick polymer board, then, if desired, laminated for additional durability and UV protection. So sorry, they're not very environmentally sound, but if we get into an armageddon scenario, you can make an extremely stylish waterproof tiny home out of them (so in vogue!). Your choice to put the art on the inside or the outside. And if we head into an Ice Age, you'll have something on which to slide down snow covered hills. These prints have massive utility beyond just being inspirational and looking amazing.


The boards hang with cleats on the back, so you never have to adjust them since they can't be knocked askew, and the art keeps a close profile to the wall, which is critical in public installations. The prints are wipeable and don't have the dreaded dust-clinging-in-the-crevasses of a frame problem.


Prints on other materials are available as well.  Please contact me.


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