The Garden of Baked Delights, scisssor-cut magazine clippings, 40"x 16"    $2100 $1470 through 7/4/19

  • Chosen by juror Gregory Jecmen, ret. National Gallery of Art for exhibition in the 2019 Maryland Federation of art show, Art on Paper


  • Interlocking magazine clippings weave together a saga of flying carbohydates, the Pillsbury Doughboy, critters of all sizes, and the Queen of England


  • Framed with 1/8" non-glare acrylic


  • Will provide HOURS of viewing entertaininment

Lunch Plans with Tigger, scisssor-cut magazine clippings, 12"x 12"                    $380  $266 through 7/4/19


  • As she is hugged by a reassuring bean sprout, Tigger invites Mother Teresa for a lunch date of green eggs and ham.  Spaceships, flying sea turtles, frogs, and assorted critters hang out as shar-peis protect a giant s'more under a kale sun. Toast relaxes in a chair while a vintage housewife vaccums the lawn.


  • Elements in this collage are slightly elevated, giving this collage a 3D effect


  • Framed under glass in a 12" x 12" shadowbox


  • Will provide HOURS of viewing entertaininment
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