Your paintings bring up so many fond memories for me.  They are like opening a photo album of only pleasant memories.  I wish I could live inside "The Dreams of Trees."  - L. G.



[Your painting] is the best part of the room.  - R. W.



The colors are so beautiful and inspiring. I feel happy after looking at them.    - B. A.



Your painting relaxes me.  It's the first thing I look at walking down the stairs to the kitchen in the morning. - F. P.



Your work lights up a room.  It's modern art that isn't full of angst and despair. Your stuff makes me smile.  - H. N. R.



[You] really need to see these in person to appreciate them.  The colors and texture are amazing.  I can't figure out how you created some of the effects.  - S. K.



These come alive in person.  They are stunning.  - J. S.

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