My art is in private and institutional collections. I'm a self-taught artist with various relevant and irrelevant degrees and training. There's one photo of me online that connects to an ironically more serious bio, where I gave a conference workshop.


I am constantly creating. I have to. I work with wood, fabric, canvas, paint, glass, metal, ink, and anything else that comes my way. My latest work focuses on acrylic paint and stretched canvas, but I've spent many hours painting all sorts of things..... cars, mailboxes, doors, chairs.... I paint all polka dots freehand. Well, I paint everything freehand. I've noticed not using dropcloths bothers many people.


I do commissed work for both paintings and collages.



All paintings are acrylic paint on 1-1/2" deep canvas stetchers. I paint the edges continuous with the front, so no framing is needed. A couple of them are framed in hardwood floating frames. All paintings are UV-varnished and ready to hang with hardware (wire and eyes) attached. One person can handle a 48"x48" painting without too much trouble. They don't weigh much. Unless they're framed, then they weigh a million pounds and you'll need help, especially if you have a rotator cuff situation.



I've shown my photography for many years and my work was in the Texas Governor's Traveling Exhibition. I've had images in 8 Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union calendars and my image of a Baltimore County farm is on the cover of the 2020 calendar. I prefer outdoor, colorful, and mostly inanimate objects.


I'm sure the average psychiatrist would have a field day with my collages. Suffice it to say I watched a lot of Monte Python as a child and I don't find distinctions between reality and imagination all that useful when it comes to art. Except the "how do you hang it part," when gravity really kicks in.



I sell prints of all of my artwork at my square store HERE.

The enlargements are really cool and I did a lot of research to get them right. They are printed in archival ink either directly on a polymer rigid 1/4" to 1/2" thick board or on vinyl, which is then applied to the board. So sorry, they're not very environmentally sound, but if we get into an armageddon scenario, you can make an extremely stylish waterproof tiny home out of them. Your choice to put the art on the inside or the outside. The boards hang with cleats on the back, so you never have to adjust it since it can't be knocked askew, and the art keeps a close profile to the wall, which is critical in public installations. The prints are cleanable and don't have the dust clinging in the crevasses problem.


Prints of the collages are perfect for heathcare waiting rooms! They're also a great distraction for guests in lobbies.



I make mobiles from recycled glass and aluminum. Here's one photographed in front of one of my paintings:



Standard diminishing-size polka dot mailbox with standard stegosaurus.


When I plan an exhibit, I use autocad to do a scale drawing of the space, then I photoshop in little paintings. I don't miss doing pencil renderings, but I like knowing that I can if I want to. The entire drawing below was done with one pencil lead. As I recall, it took forever.



Here's some maggots I designed and sewed. Yes. You read that right. Note how cute they are - smiling and laughing. The striped ones get along with the solid ones, maybe because they are all in stylish moire taffeta.

I carved a 7' femur out of styrofoam. Let me know if you know of a stegosaurus in need of a hip replacement. It has a steel rod in it for stability.



I am fascinated with transforming the 2D into 3D. I once designed and sewed 40 zafu cushions for an acupuncture school....and I've also sewn over 1200 pillows with zippers for a furniture store...including pyramids and cubes that I designed and prototyped. The cushion in the photo is from vintage upholstery fabric with silk dupioni sides and filled with buckwheat hulls.


Other things I've sewed include a 5' chili pepper, 3' tapeworms (yes), a 6' racing mid-squid (it wasn't giant and it had a racing stripe), and a bunch of clothes. I made a buttondown oxford-style shirt when I was about 8 years old. It was kelly green with green buttons and had plackets at the cuffs. Really. I should post a pic of that here.


Here I'm just showing off my ability to paint polka dots freehand on curved surfaces, which now that I think of it, has a strange parallel to drawing a cone creating a shadow on a curved surface, which is so tedious... But I'd rather like to think it's all quite meditative.


The bird house that looks like the Santa Claus story mushroom with the red roof there has been freakishly successful in a multi-season beta test with too many baby birds born in it to count.


Here's a sculpture I made with linked concrete. The concrete is poured into molds....then there's this alchemical moment and it magically links together....


Here I am working on a commission stitching hundreds of winning horse ribbons together for a large wall hanging.


And here's one for the archives: the 1984 Corolla Flamemobile. I painted my friend's car in her driveway while she was away on a business trip. True.


ABOUT ME (or "The bio you were looking for")

I sold my television in 2001 at at garage sale for $20. It was a 14 incher with the built-in VHS tape deal thing. Never bought another one until 2008, when I bought a house that, unfortunately came with a 42" television. The real estate agent was so excited about it.... In a lucky twist of fate, the video died after about 3 months, and I was left listening to audio of reality shows, which is a special circle of purgatory. I then took it off the wall and sold the bracket on craigslist for $40. I've never invested in another television.



  • Lowe House of Delegates, 2020 Session, Annapolis, Maryland, juried

  • Hoffberger Gallery, Baltimore, solo show

  • Historic Ellicott City Show House, Ellicott City, Maryland, selection committee

  • Art on Mulligan Mountain, Ellicott City, Maryland, invited artist

  • Millrace Gallery, Clipper Mill, Baltimore, solo show

  • Art on Paper, Circle Gallery, Annapolis, Maryland, juried

  • American Insitute of Architects, Baltimore, solo show

  • Lowe House of Delegates, 2019 Session, Annapolis, Maryland, juried, Winner of Juror's Choice Award

  • Strokes of Genius, Circle Gallery, Annapolis, Maryland, juried

  • Baltimore Symphony Decorators' Show House, selection committee

  • Joseph and Rebecca Meyerhoff Gallery, Owings Mills, Maryland, selection committee


  • Austin Children's Museum Dell Discovery Center, curated/selection committee

  • Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum benefit auction, curated/selection committee

  • 7, Gallery Lombardi, juried

  • Vive Les Arts Theatre (Kileen, Texas), solo show

  • Texas Photographic Society 8th Annual Governor's Traveling Exhibition (including Contemporary Arts Gallery, Abilene and Photographic Archives Lab and Gallery, Dallas), juried

  • Austin Artisans, solo show

  • Exhibit K - Coming of Age, Austin Visual Arts Association, curated

  • Barnes and Noble Aboretum, solo show

  • Manuel's Congress Avenue, solo show

  • Galerie Bleux, gallery show

  • Artplex Studio Show, curated

  • Pecan Street Festival, curated/selection committee


  • University of Maryland Saint Josephs Medical Center (photography & paintings)
  • Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Armstong Education Building (photography)
  • Johns Hopkins Health System, Hackerman-Patz Patient Pavilion (collage)
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