I've noticed artist bios are frequently written in third person, which isn't going to work for me.  There is nothing more personal than one's art.  I do, however, admit to using the royal "we" when speaking to telemarketers or about solely-owned consulting companies.


My work is in private and institutional collections.  I've had many exhibitions of my photography, collage, and sculptures in Central Texas.  Shows included a seven foot femur carved from styrofoam, intricate collages involving thousands of magazine clippings, and black and white photography in the Texas Governor's Traveling Exhibition.

About My Art



I paint the edges of the canvases continuously with the front, so the colors wrap around the work and no framing is needed. You can, of course, frame them, but you're missing out on many square feet of artwork, as the canvases are 1.5" deep.  I think of them as three-dimensional and feel the experience of walking by them and seeing an edge and then the front in changing light adds to the overall experience.


Paintings come ready to hang with hardware (wire and eyes) attached.  I sign the canvases on the side.  You are free to choose the orientation.  However, if you don't choose the default orientation suggested by the attached hanging hardware, you'll have to adjust accordingly.


Many of my paintings have texture.  I don't think of them as Fabergé egg-precious (yet) and I want you to touch them (well, moreso the one(s) you own).

Obligatory Bio


I have a closet of non-painting friendly clothing.

I'm a registered architect living in Baltimore County, Maryland.  Previous incarnations include Senior Architect for the Johns Hopkins Health System and Capital Planner and Associate University Architect for Johns Hopkins University.  I lived in Austin, Texas for many years and was employed as an environmental engineer, a structural engineer, and as a deep-mole professional iconoclast.  My concrete sculptures have mesh reinforcement and that aforementioned femur had a steel tube in it.


Relevant and Irrelevant Education

I graduated from Duke University with a B.S.E. in civil engineering and have a Masters degree in architecture from the University of Texas at Austin. Did you know when your undergraduate degree isn't in architecture and you want a masters degree it takes four years?  Well, it does... Please contact me if you'd like to be talked out of doing that.  I also have a Certificate in Medical Qigong (a three year program) from AOMA College of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at Bastyr University.


What I do & don't do in this limiting 3D reality

My hobbies include being optimistic, rarely doing anything twice, avoiding social media (in a conviction of my consiousness way, not in a creepy isolated hermit way), not practicing civil engineering, being outdoors and external to architecture as much as possible, running away from bureaucracies, not going to school anymore (a subset of running from bureaucracy), and not watching television.

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